November 2017


with Michael Laskow,

President of


The Creative Team







A   unique variation of the customary "family business," this team brings together the very best of numerous musical experiences and backgrounds, a trio able to blend their cultural and generational influences into a

seamless culmination of sound and flow. Encouraged to follow their dreams by a mother who set an example

by following hers, these brothers have marched to the beat of their own hearts since childhood. Individually accomplished and ever-evolving, all three find themselves at a time in their lives when the next logical step is to combine their talents, focus their intentions, align their forces, and make some musical magic happen together.

Ethan Cain

Ethan is our in-resident musical maestro, on-point songwriter, instructor, performer, guitarist extraordinaire, vocal arranger, lead and background singer, skilled and gifted producer, open mic MC and live musician, heading up the tight, popular Philly-area band, "The Funky T."  Growing up in a musical household opened his path to grow from Battle of The Bands in high school to studying theory and audio production in college. Playing guitar, writing songs and singing ever since, he is a seasoned and exciting artist, and travels the world performing his music.

Sherry Marcus Milano


Sherry has been led by the music in her soul since childhood; following the call of her heart and taking on the opportunities that appeared before her, finding herself everywhere from NYC to Las Vegas, from a road band to a recording studio, running a jingle company to co-hosting a telethon, singing, writing, producing, and representing other artists, 

and organizing the strategies for

major political campaigns. And, in her estimation, she's just getting started, thrilled to be doing this with her sons.

Marcus Cohen


Having grown up in a recording studio, hearing songs, jingles, and radio ads being created daily, the dream to start his own studio was always there. Since opening Movement Studioz in 2001, he has been fulfilling that dream in every way possible.

A sought after and highly regarded master producer and sound engineer, Marcus has worked with the very best, and is devoted to combining the possibilities available through new technology with the inspired magic that happens in the moment, bringing a unique understanding of the artist/producer dynamic to every session.


There are certain people who can just pick up an instrument and make music. They sing a familiar song, yet it's as though you're hearing it for the first time. Their live performances make you feel like you're the only one there, whether there are 5 or 5000 others in the room. They write songs that sound as though the most intimate things you've ever felt in those fleeting moments of your life have been given words and expression. There is no doubt in your mind that these people have been put on this earth to make music. And if they're anything like Ethan, they don't even realize how amazing they are, so you never feel intimidated or awkward in their presence. A consummate musician, what he brings can neither be measured or compared.





Her world is ever-expanding and fun. She has managed to take all of her creative inclinations, (singing, songwriting, poetry, music production, voice-over work, art, collaboration, teaching and mentoring,) and build a career through providing various combinations of her abilities and talents. Her experiences have helped her to conclude that the niche she has carved, where the line between work and play is almost invisible, has been the perfect path for her life. Her greatest success? "The fact that my boys now want to stand on my shoulders and take this vision farther than I could have dreamed, has rekindled all of my creative fire, and ensures all the work of my life beyond my life." And quite a body of work it is; just visit her website:


It's been said that when you do something effortlessly and well, and enjoy doing it more than anything else, you have found your purpose in life. If this is true, then Marcus has connected with his. Always growing, he has worked with some of the top artists of our time, helped to develop new talent, and now composes and produces original music for film and tv.   Working in studio production full-time is all he's known, and his clients trust his ears, his skills, and his instincts. This new business collaboration has enabled him to stretch, not just as a multi-genre producer/

composer, but as a vocalist as well, where he has proven to be equally as skilled and respected. His impressive catalogue is now represented by major publishers and libraries, where his work speak for itself.