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      - Lyrics/Chords to Complete Your Songs

      - Material for Original Demos

      - Recording, Mixing, Mastering

      - Seasoned Producers

      - Songwriting Workshops/Retreats

- Image, Brand, and Messaging Consultations

- Remote Recording Services

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some NEW MUSIC featuring our


"One Step Up Now"                                                        "Where Do I Go"                                                          "Don't Forget To Remember" 

 artist: Laura Cheadle                                                     artist:  CaiNo                                                                artist:  Adriana Lycette 


One Step Up Now - Laura Cheadle
Where Do I Go - CaiNo
Don't Forget To Remember - Adriana Lycette





Movement Studioz has been a reliable provider of quality,  full-service recording, production, and live show audio mixing for many extremely satisfied and returning clients for over a decade. Now the studio is merged with and serving as the production and recording nucleus of this fresh, combined, ever-evolving effort called:



Open - Sherry Marcus


 artist: Sherry Marcus                                                                                                                  


2016 Snips - WeWillWriteUaSong
Hip Hop Production snips/Movement - Various Artists
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      SAMPLES of

      earlier WORK




Instrumentals can be as simple as writing an accompanying piano or acoustic guitar track, and as complex as composing an arrangement for a full orchestra, featuring the most current wave of electronic dance beats or a timeless string quartet. We can write you a hot, techno hip-hop beat or score your next indie project for your film class. We can put custom music behind the website for your business or turn your latest, heartfelt poem into a contemporary love ballad. Possibilities are endless!

Funk/Rock HOT 80s track - Sherry Marcus
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Urban Instrumental Demos - CainoBeatz
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Bossa Track - Music Plant Inc
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Music & Melody - Movement Studioz
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End of Nowhere - wwwUaSong
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Make You Move - CoNCePT f/ MaRy
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Whether it's been custom-composed or a cover, when a singer connects with the right song, magic happens. As writers and producers, all of whom are artists as well, we not only live for those magic moments, we specialize in their co-creation. Every artist is different, and it requires the alignment and flow of numerous variables to match each artist with material that brings out the most unique, memorable qualities in each vocal style, in a way that captures and communicates emotional truth.




In the examples at the left, lyrics were handed to us with requests to turn them into fully-produced songs. Some lyricists write brilliant stories, just waiting for the right accompaniment to transform them into full-blown songs in their genre of choice.



In certain cases, the call may be for a traditional blues progression with original lyrics and a twist as in "End of Nowhere," and at other times we'll compose both words and music and record it with our vocalists, as in "Make You Move."




Desire To Inspire - The Funky T
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Heartless - Brenna Lynne, produced by Caino
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When She Dances - Duonix, produced by CaiNo
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"Rod Weiller, Private Eye" theme - Sherry Marcus Milano
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March of Dimes telethon song - Music Plant Inc
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There are numerous ways to get your voice and your music out there, as these examples illustrate. The first was the theme song intro for an internet cartoon show, and the second became the theme for the annual March of Dimes Telethon from the late 80's through mid 90's, as well as the featured theme music for their ongoing events, advertising, and public service announcements.